About Us

We just want to give an awesome test to food. We have Hubble beginning to start an amazing store.

Our History

Making standard around the globe

We make sure our product satisfies our customers and allow them to cook with all of their heart.

Our Story

Aaicha Masala is the household name among the millions at home. We bring taste to the kitchen, by using her homemade best spices. Our spices are made from the natural masala.

Our story goes, we used to visit our grandmother. She makes the perfect spices for the food. We always get mesmerized by the taste of the foods she made.

The idea came from her and we used to call that spice “Aaicha Masala”. And this name sticks and with the same name, we want to honor all mothers who make the same spice to their children and bring joy in their food.

We use the ancient technique of using Stone Mortar & Pestle (“KHAL-BATTA”) which was time-consuming but the taste was so good. We want to promote traditional ways which promote our culture around the world.

Our Future

Growing Fast

We have a great start with our business and we will keep moving ahead with speed. One step at a time.

Core Values


We make sure all products have the same quality


We believe without trust no business can flourish.


Simple is the best